Hear What our Customers Have to Say

"switching to Frontline has meant a much better out-of-hours presence, and a safeguarded reputation. ‘If someone called our old provider and then Frontline, I have no doubt which one they’d choose,’ says Paul. ‘We sound much more professional than before. It’s also saved our staff time and energy, simply because they’re not disturbed at night so often."


Our Experienced and Dedicated Funeral Team

For over 10 years our teams have been honing their skills and understanding what it takes to handle funeral calls with the sensitivity, care and personal attention that they deserve. We dedicated ourselves to learning and developing our skills by engaging with funeral professional at every level. Our team spend time with funeral directors, FSO, arrangers, crematorium staff and drivers - getting to know their daily challenges...

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Value to you and your team - work/life balance

 We're all working too hard but what is the solution?

This article highlights a number of the key issues around achieving a work/life balance. Suggesting a few tips for releasing your time and enabling you to get back to your free time.... remember that?!

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