Happy call handlers equal happy customers

Have you ever noticed that you can hear whether someone's smiling or not when you're talking to them over the phone? Good customer service is about more than just numbers: it's about people. The productivity of call handlers can't be measured simply by how many customer queries have been resolved, but in qualitative terms: how happy were your customers with their service, and how did it leave them feeling about your brand?

This is where call handlers really show their worth; being able to reassure and calm disgruntled or grieving customers is a real skill, and one that requires a handler to be feeling their best, too. Keeping contact centre employees happy in their work is key to providing great customer service with warmth and understanding.

Provide a positive working environment

When it comes to employee mood, the importance of the environment we work in can't be underestimated. Providing employees with a bright, well-ventilated office space to work in will do wonders to lift spirits. All call centres should also have a break room: somewhere for workers to retreat to for quick bite and a bit of quiet time away from the sound of ringing telephones. Keeping the break room well stocked with snacks, teas, and coffees is also a gesture that will be appreciated.

Keep morale high

Working in a call centre can be tough; most contact centre employees spend a significant portion of their days trying to calm and placate annoyed or upset customers. Keep morale high with plenty of positive feedback and incentives - some call centres award gift cards every month for good performance - and keep an open channel of communication with your employees. Employees who feel that they can approach management with feedback or problems will feel much more satisfied at work.

Prioritise your employees' health

Both the physical strain of sitting at a desk all day and the mental strain of talking to unhappy customers or, in the case of funeral call handling, grieving relatives can take its toll on even the most steadfast of call centre employees. It's important to prioritise the health of workers, whether that's by allowing time off for 'mental health days', offering subsidised memberships at a local gym, offering free massages every quarter, or promoting healthy choices in the office canteen. A healthy workforce is a happy one.

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