How to personalise customer service communication

When customers contact your business you must ensure that the highest levels of customer service are maintained at all times. It may seem easier to make a personal connection with your customer during a face to face interaction, but this can and must be done over the phone as well. Here are some tips on how to personalise customer service communication, for happier customers and business success.

1. Address customers appropriately

The most simple yet effective way to personalise your communication is to use the customer's name. If you don't know it, ask for it. Always be sure to ask what they prefer to be called and if it's okay for you to call them that for the duration of the call. You should also make sure they know what to call you so that they feel more of a connection with the voice at the end of the phone line.

2. Use the right tone of voice

Everybody is different and depending on the reason for the phone call, or simply their personality, you may need to adapt the way you speak to suit them. If they sound happy, be upbeat too. If they're sad, be compassionate, if they're confused be clear and concise. Using the same tone of voice for every customer and every situation will almost certainly leave some callers feeling disconnected.

3. Be human

You're a human, so act like one. While understandably you may have a script to follow you must also react to the needs of the customer. In funeral call handling, for example, you should expect people to cry suddenly, become choked up or be in a state of shock and confusion. Be human and react to their emotions and needs appropriately while still managing to progress the call forward.

4. Serve, don't sell

Be there for them, not you. To build trust in your business never try to hard sell to customers on the phone. Offering them your service and leaving the customer to make the decisions will make them feel respected and in control which usually leads to positive results in the end.

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