Streamlining your business with a contact centre

Customer experience is at the forefront of business in today’s world and yet it can be a struggle to run a department or a company while trying to answer calls that may well pave the way for new opportunities. Equally, a barrage of calls can actually create more work for businesses and can result in important jobs being neglected. So what do you do?

While it may seem logical to consider additional staff to solve the problem, it’s actually a bit of a catch 22 situation. Your additional staff can end up answering calls but at the cost of other duties. And let's face it, whatever our best intentions are for a new employee, they inevitably end up with additional daily tasks to manage. Moreover, there are also costs attached to staff such as PAYE, pensions and holidays that can make a dent in your bottom line. However, a solution that is effective and that can help you provide great customer service without damaging your business model is a telephone answering service.

It’s simple, effective and it can work for all kinds of businesses. Perhaps you haven’t considered an outsourced customer service solution before but there are many benefits that come with the decision to use one. Here are just some:


A business can often struggle during busier times. However, they may not want to invest in a permanent employee and temporary staff can be unreliable. A telephone answering service is often more cost-effective. There are lower overheads, no payroll worries and you do not have to deal with cover if someone is off sick or doesn’t turn up. An answering service is there for you and your customers every day of the year.

Great for ‘on demand’ industries

If you are a 24/7 business such as a funeral home or even a reactive maintenance company, an outsourced call centre is a great way to give your customers the best care and response night and day. Equally, it can be ‘added to’ the service you already provide. This means you do not have to undertake significant changes in your day-to-day business to make it work. For example, if you are a funeral home, you can outsource your calls when you are busy knowing that your client can actually speak to someone, rather than them having to leave a message on an answer machine.

Perfect for IT

If you are a large company that relies on an IT system, then having your calls answered in a contact centre can help to deal with the demands of a system outage or PC problems. A call answering service frees you up to prioritise workloads and it is perfect if you need to manage your staff working hours and tasks more efficiently.

Great for improving customer service

If you’re busy with the nuts and bolts of your business, a contact centre providing an end-to-end solution can really transform the way you do things. For example, if you’re an online retailer, you can create an entire process that is totally outsourced and managed externally, leaving you and your staff to focus on getting orders out – especially during busier times of the year when answering calls can slow you down.

If you are looking to expand or grow your business or even if you want to provide a better service to your customers, contact Frontline.

With experienced and knowledgeable agents that know how to deal with customer demands, we can help you succeed without a fuss.