4 ways to win customer trust

4 ways to win customer trustGaining customer loyalty is a must for all businesses, but before you can gain loyalty you must build trust. The way your contact centre deals with customers will have a huge impact when it comes to trust building, so here are four tips for call centre agents looking to form strong customer relationships.

1. Provide 24-hour support

It may sound like a huge task, but providing 24/7 support is so valuable to customers. You will never know what time of the day or night someone may need to get in touch, being on hand at all times immediately builds a positive reputation. If it's not practical amongst your workforce, then consider outsourcing your customer call centre to professionals who can be on hand at all hours.

2. Keep customers informed at all times

When dealing with a query, complaint or sale you should keep customers up-to-date every step of the way. If they don't hear from you, customers may begin to worry and lose faith in your business. However, keeping them informed on progress, especially if there's a delay, keeps them in the loop and holds their trust.

3. Keep your promises

If you make promises to a customer you must always deliver on them. And so, of course, never promise anything that you can't give. Whether it's to resolve an issue, find them more information or deliver a product you must be efficient when fulfilling promises.

4. Engage in conversation

When a customer calls, engage them in genuine conversation. Showing them that you are human is the quickest way to build rapport and friendly, empathetic conversation leads to strong trust. While it is important to focus on the reason for their call, additional effort in conversation will go a long way and make for a more positive overall experience.

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