3 tips for rewarding conversations with your customers

Many people assume that contacting a business will be met with dull, unenthusiastic call centre agents. However, the right agents for your business should offer a positive experience for all callers. Handling customer calls should always be done with care, especially in funeral call handling or other sensitive circumstances. Here are three tips to ensure that your customers find their conversation helpful and rewarding.

1. Don't stick to a script

Scrips can undoubtedly be useful, but in some cases, it is better to not stick to scripts too rigidly. In someone's time of need, you may need to come away from robotic, generic responses and react to their emotions. Showing honesty and genuine care can help make their experience more personal and therefore more rewarding for them and for you.

2. Form an emotional connection

Being aware of customer emotions, and responding well to them, can help form a strong emotional connection. At difficult times a connection like this can help people to respond to your help and create a more positive experience for them. This supportive attitude makes call centre agents feel good about their work and leaves customers feeling respected and at ease.

3. Exceed expectations

Meeting expectations is, of course, important. But exceeding them is a step further. By exceeding expectations, you will pleasantly surprise customers and lead them to a positive view of the company. Exceeding expectations is a sure way to see repeat business, ensure customer satisfaction and lead to recommendations.

From these tips, it is easy to see how excellent customer service can lead to a rewarding conversation with both caller and call centre agent. Calling a business should never be a dreaded experience, but one that helps during a difficult time and leads to resolved issues and good custom.

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