Is your business meeting customer expectations?

Loyal customers are the beating heart of any business; they are what help keep it alive. Creating happy customers who will stick by your brand and use your time and time again requires a lot more than offering great products or service. It comes down to their customer service experience, especially the way their calls are handled when they have a problem or enquiry. With that in mind, it's time to consider whether your contact centre, and therefore your business, is meeting the following customer expectations.

1. Kindness and empathy

Fundamentally, your customers will not be calling for a simple chat, but the effect of kindness on the other end of the line will still have a huge impact. If a customer is angry, confused or upset then a display of empathy goes a long way to show that your business cares, and a touch of kindness will help to put a smile on their face. Customers will always expect a certain level of courtesy and customer care, but you can really exceed expectations by simply displaying a positive attitude.

2. Helpfulness and efficiency

When a customer calls they expect answers, and if you can't help them then they're only going to feel more frustrated. Contact centre staff should always be highly knowledgeable on all aspects of your brand and products to provide effective advice to the customer. If queries are more complicated, then reassure the customer that you'll help to resolve their issue as soon as possible. If they know you're working on it, they won't mind waiting for a little while.

3. Convenience

Long hold times and waiting for the phone to be answered can cause a huge inconvenience to customers. Usually, they will be after a quick solution and will not want to be kept waiting for long periods of time. You should also consider that different people will require your services at different times, so having a 24 hour contact centre will make a huge difference.

If your business needs a telephone answering service that not only meets expectations but exceeds them, contact Frontline today. Our professional service has everything you need for top quality customer care.