Important Factors for a Funeral Business Plan

We deal with a lot of newly established funeral home operators, and one trend we continue to find is the importance of a good business plan. This true of anyone wanting to establish their own business and remains incredibly important for those looking to set up their own funeral business, as the industry isn’t as easy to break into as most assume.

Here some of the most important factors to include in every funeral business plan

Hours of Operations

Did you know that funeral homes operate 24/7? It’s one of the main reasons we provide funeral home answering services, as there is always a need to contact a funeral home at any time of the day. Don’t make the mistake of assuming your business works traditional hours of operations as it’s just not the case in this business!

Flexible Planning Service

Death is rarely predictable, so not many funerals are planned in advance. This means your business model needs to include flexible planning services, especially considering you only have around five to eight days to completely plan the funeral. Be sure you have access to resources at any time and your business is designed be flexible.


A funeral home business requires various assets to function, and these need to be included in your plan. For instance, there is the funeral home itself, parking lots, employees, equipment, etc., so be sure to consider the costs of each as part of your overheads.