How to Make Money in the Funeral Business - Investments That Pay for Themselves

As a call centre service provider for funeral homes we have encountered many clients saying the same thing - you need to be willing to spend money to make money in the funeral business. There is certainly truth to this, as we’ll explain below.  

New Technology

One of the most worthwhile investments to make in the funeral business is technology. Many funeral homes make the mistake of avoiding newer technologies in favour of what they know but investing in the future pays off today.

Improved technologies allow for more efficient business practices, letting owners maximise their profits by giving them more time to run their business. From new computer software that makes bookkeeping quicker to using tablets to showcase services and products, there are countless technologies worth investing in to modernise a funeral home for the better.

Call Centre Services

Now, we may be bias in this regard, but we certainly have the experienced to know how true this is - investing in funeral call centre services is only going to benefit a funeral home.

By outsourcing the answering service, funeral directors have more time to spend running their business, making it easier to get more done without being distracted by the phone.

It also increases the chances of new sales, as call centre services allow a funeral home to answer customer enquiries 24/7. More enquires means more chances to make a sale, helping increase profits across the board.


Good marketing strategies pay for themselves, helping raise awareness of your business by advertising to more people. For instance, paying for a quality website that is highly responsive and features SEO content gets a higher placement on search engines like Google, helping draw in more customers than ever.